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McCarthy appeal against RV stewards' Late Charge decision
08 Dec 2017 | ThoroughbredNEWS News Desk 

The Victorian Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board will hear an appeal lodged by trainer Daniel McCarthy regarding the horse ‘Late Charge’ at 9.30am on Tuesday, 19 December 2017.

Mr McCarthy has lodged an appeal against the decision of the stewards under AR 50 which provides that:

All nominations and entries are subject to approval, and the Committee of any Club, or the Stewards, may decline to receive, or at any time after having received, reject any nomination or entry without giving any reason for so doing.

The stewards determined that all future nominations or entries of ‘Late Charge’ be declined or rejected on the grounds that it is unacceptable for the gelding to race from a welfare and safety perspective due to an injury, or injuries, sustained to the gelding’s superficial digital flexor tendon.