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Victorian trainer suspended and fined $20,000 for failing to report strangles case
16 May 2017 | ThoroughbredNEWS News Desk 

Victorian trainer Matt Cumani has been fined $20,000 and had his licence suspended until the start of the 2017/18 season on 1st August, 2017, for failing to adhere to Racing Victoria protocols following the outbreak of strangles at his Ballarat stable last year.

Cumani pleaded guilty to two charges, one for conduct prejudicial to the image of racing and the second for not notifying authorities that he had horses who were infected with the highly contagious disease.

His period of suspension is due to start in seven days, allowing time to organise the transfer of horses under his care.

RAD Board Judge John Bowman said he was close to issuing Cumani with a period of disqualification but opted for a suspension due to his favourable references.

During the time Cumani did not report the strangles case he was preparing Grey Lion (IRE), owned by a prominent syndicate including OTI Racing and Aquis Farm, for the Group 1 Melbourne Cup (3200m) at Flemington on November 1st from the quarantine centre at Werribee. Grey Lion finished 14th in the Melbourne Cup.

He also conducted a stable open day at his Ballarat base on November 19th, Ballarat Cup Day. 

The Racing Victorian (RV) stewards charged Cumani with breaches of AR 175A and AR 64K(2) as follows:

Charge One (AR 175A) – Conduct prejudicial to the image, interests, or welfare of racing
AR 175A states that:

• Any person bound by these Rules who either within a racecourse or elsewhere in the opinion of the Principal Racing Authority (or the Stewards exercising powers delegated to them) has been guilty of conduct prejudicial to the image, or interests, or welfare of racing may be penalised.

The RV stewards said that Cumani knew that his horse, Corrs, was infected with Strangles by 27 October, 2016 and that he had received veterinary information and advice regarding the presence of strangles (included other infections or suspected strangles infections) in his stables on (amongst other dates) 31 October, 2016 and 18 November, 2016.

The stewards said that Cumani was aware of his obligation to notify RV of the strangles infection and suspected infections and did not do so from the period 27 October, 2016 to 23 November, 2016.

When charging Cumani the RV stewards said that, amongst other things Cumani:

a. failed to implement adequate biosecurity measures to prevent the direct and/or indirect spread (and the risk of spread) of strangles within his premises and to horses at other places;

b. engaged in other conduct which compromised and/or had the potential to compromise the health of horses at his premises and elsewhere through the direct and/or indirect spread of strangles.

The stewards said that Cumani’s conduct was prejudicial to the interests, image and/or welfare of racing.

Charge 2 (AR 64K(2)) – Failure to notify RV of strangles infection

AR 64K(2) states that:

• (1) The following animal diseases or conditions are declared to be notifiable, and must be notified and dealt with in accordance with subrules (2) to (8) of this rule:


(2) A person who owns or is in charge of, or has in his possession or control, a horse which the person suspects or should reasonably suspect is infected with a notifiable disease or condition, and who does not, as soon as possible after he should have suspected or became aware that the horse is infected, report the fact to the Principal Racing Authority in that State or Territory by the quickest means of communication available to the person is guilty of an offence.

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