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Warwick Farm stewards' report
06 Sep 2017 | ThoroughbredNEWS News Desk 


Australian Turf Club


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Weather:                  Fine

Track:                       Good (3)

Rail:                          +3m

Penetrometer:          4.51


STEWARDS:   P C Dingwall (Chairman), T J Vassallo, T A McDonald, T J Carlton and cadets C K McIntosh, T D North, M W Purse and F J Dale.




As App J Innes Jr  was indisposed due to illness, the following rider substitution was permitted by the Stewards:


Race 4

Cosmic Cameo – App R King




RACE 1 – TAB Handicap 1400m

Furlana – a post race veterinary examination of Furlana, which travelled wide and without cover throughout, revealed no abnormalities.


Feringo – after being slow to begin, was bumped shortly after by Furlana, which after being bumped by Wild Horizon, was carried inwards by that runner.  A post race veterinary examination revealed Feringo to be lame in the near fore leg and to have been galloped on behind.  Trainer Mr E O’Rourke was advised a veterinary clearance would be required prior to Feringo racing again.


Longmu – after being slow to begin was steadied and shifted in behind runners to obtain cover.  B Avdulla stated that his mount travelled a little keenly throughout the middle stages whilst in a rearward position.  He said that rounding the home turn, he shifted out to follow the eventual winner Aonair.  He added that Longmu’s run however ended nearing the 200m and was only one paced over the concluding stages.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. 


Kookabaa – was held up and unable to obtain clear running until it was able to shift to the outside of Chosen Assassin near the 100m.


Cuba - which had been held up until the 150m, raced tight to the inside of Furlana and made contact with that horse on a number of occasions when endeavouring to proceed between Furlana and Chosen Assassin for some distance approaching the 150m.  Passing the 100m, Cuba was inconvenienced and carried wider by Aonair, which shifted out slightly under pressure. 


RACE 2 – Casino Prince@Vinery Plate 1200m

Fresh Start – which began only fairly, was checked and blundered when crowded for room between November Man and Our Mantra, both of which shifted ground and as a result, Fresh Start lost considerable ground.  A post race veterinary examination revealed a poor post race recovery.


Ombudsman – raced keenly throughout the early and middle stages.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.




Readycatgo – raced keenly in the early to middle stages.


Palmateer – rounding the home turn, shifted ground out and inconvenienced November Man.


Improvise – for some distance after the 300m, had difficulty obtaining clear running between Readycatgo and Palmateer and during this time, Improvise made contact with Palmateer resulting in both horses becoming unbalanced.  From after the 100m until approaching the 50m, rider J Ford had difficulty in testing his mount when racing tight between Palmateer and Readycatgo, which was inclined to shift out slightly under pressure. 


RACE 3 – McGrath Estate Agents Handicap 1300m

Canberra – bumped on jumping by Marabel, which shifted out.


Alluvion – when questioned regarding the disappointing performance, rider J Ford said although his mount in the small field raced prominently, it was under pressure for most of the race to remain in second position.  He said that Alluvion commenced to lay in leaving the 500m, and for the major part of the race, never felt fluent in its action.  He said that Alluvion was under hard riding approaching and rounding the home turn, continued to lay in and over the final 200m weakened noticeably.  J Ford indicated that in his opinion, Alluvion may appreciate a more forgiving surface.  A post race veterinary examination of Alluvion revealed the mare to be sore in front.  Trainer Mr S Singleton endorsed the views expressed by J Ford and said that he had been pleased with the manner in which Alluvion had been working in the lead up to today's race, and advised that in light of today's poor performance, Alluvion will be spelled. Notwithstanding this advice, Mr Singleton was advised to furnish a veterinary clearance for the mare prior to racing again.


Marabel – was found to have blood present in both nostrils.  Trainer Mr J Pride was advised that the mare would now incur the mandatory 3 month ban from racing under AR53A.  


RACE 4 – Schweppes Handicap 1000m

Cohesion – began awkwardly.


Gadfly – was slow to begin and then shortly after, made contact with the hindquarter of Cosmic Cameo, which became unbalanced. 


Rebel Miss – near the 500m, was steadied when tightened for room between Beau Tirage and Cosmic Cameo, which made the home turn awkwardly and shifted out.


Beau Tirage – throughout the race, travelled wide and without cover.


Realised Potential – when questioned, rider J Parr stated that it had been explained to him by the trainer that the gelding can race keenly and he was therefore instructed to be conservative on Realised Potential at the start, whilst endeavouring to maintain a forward position.  He said that in the initial stages, when the rider of Cosmic Cameo, which was drawn directly to his outside, showed significant intent to race in advance of his mount, he elected to allow that runner to cross him near the 800m.  He further stated this decision was influenced by his belief that Cosmic Cameo would continue improving and shift to a position on the running rail which would allow him to race to its outside.  He said, however, that when the rider of Cosmic Cameo elected to remain in the one off position, his mount ultimately settled further back than intended and then for some distance approaching the 600m, he had to steady when awkwardly placed on the heels of Cosmic Cameo.  He said that nonetheless, he believed that Realised Potential, after shifting to the outside of Cosmic Cameo early in the straight, was afforded every opportunity to finish the race off, however Rebel Miss, which commenced its run from behind Realised Potential, was too competitive in the finish.  Trainer J Pride confirmed the instructions issued.  He said that it was the intention to have the horse ridden with cover and that it was hoped to be just behind the leading division.  He said whilst Realised Potential settled further back than he had anticipated, he was nonetheless accepting of the circumstances which ultimately led to Realised Potential racing towards the rear of the field.



Cosmic Cameo – App R King, the rider of the third placegetter, was reminded of her obligation to ensure she rides her mounts out to the winning post wherever possible.


RACE 5 – TAB Rewards Handicap 1200m

Legal Girl – shifted out at the start and made solid contact with Could You Be Loved.


Memento – began awkwardly.  In the early part of the straight, was inclined to lay in.


Bella Success – from its wide barrier, was steadied and shifted in across and behind runners in the early stages.  Bella Success was badly held up until the 150m.  Bella Success then obtained clear running for a brief distance and then was again held up and obliged to steady and shift in away from the heels of Legal Girl to continue into clear running leaving the 100m.


Vellor – for the major part of the race, raced wide and without cover.  Over the final 150m, Vellor shifted out under pressure.


Jessamin – T Clark explained that his mount, which settled wide and without cover for the major part of the race, travelled well until the home turn.  He said that early in the straight, the filly, which was resuming from a spell, commenced to tire and its effort waned over the final 100m whereby Jessamin finished off only one paced after becoming awkwardly placed on the heels of Vellor at the 50m.  A post race veterinary examination revealed an abrasion to the nearside nostril.


Intrinsic – when questioned, H Bowman said that his mount settled midfield and followed one of the fancied runners in the race, Jessamin.  He said, however, when that horse did not proceed as he had hoped rounding the home turn, Intrinsic, which was travelling well, had to be steadied off the heels of Jessamin and was unable to proceed for a short distance.  He said that immediately on straightening, he positioned his mount between Jessamin and Sebring Express, however Intrinsic commenced to lay in, proved somewhat difficult to balance up and when he applied pressure on his mount to improve, Intrinsic failed to capitalise on the opportunity of availing itself of the run.  He said that Intrinsic continued to lay in and when awkwardly placed between Sebring Express and Jessamin, proved reluctant to proceed into the run that had developed and was ultimately hampered near the 150m when both Jessamin and Sebring Express shifted ground slightly.  H Bowman said that he immediately recommenced riding Intrinsic along, however given the late stage of the race, was only one paced in the run to the winning post.  A post race veterinary examination revealed Intrinsic to be lame in the near fore leg.  Trainer Mr K Lees was advised a veterinary clearance would be required prior to the filly racing again.


Could You Be Loved – a post race veterinary examination revealed a poor post race recovery.


RACE 6 – #Theraces Handicap 2200m

Exoteric – after being slow to begin, was crowded between Dylan's Romance, which shifted in, and Irenic, which shifted out.  Leaving the 800m, Exoteric became awkwardly placed on the heels of Queen Of Heights, shifted out and travelled wide and without cover thereafter.


Evangelist – shortly after the start, was crowded between Irenic and Hypernicus, both of which shifted ground. 


Bon Equus – in the early stages, proved difficult to settle and got its head up on a number of occasions when endeavouring to obtain a position with cover behind Megawatt


Hypernicus – near the 1600m, was checked off the heels of IrenicEvangelist, which was following, was steadied in consequence. 


Dylan's Romance – when under pressure in the straight, laid in and over the final stages, shifted ground inwards and proved somewhat difficult to ride out.



RACE 7 – Hyland Race Colours Handicap 1300m

Chavish – after being loaded into the barriers, became fractious and kicked out behind on several occasions.  The gelding was removed from the barriers, examined by the Club's veterinarian and ruled not suitable to start.  As such, Chavish was declared a late withdrawal at 4.20pm acting on veterinary advice.

The Stewards ruled that all monies invested on Chavish be refunded in full and that all successful wagers made prior to 4.20pm be subject to the following deductions in the face value of each ticket.

1st  Screamarr              4 cents win, 5 cents place

2nd Regent                    3 cents place

3rd  Bring A Secret       5 cents place

Co-trainer Mr Peter Snowden was advised a veterinary clearance would be required prior to Chavish racing again.


I Am Impressed – was slow to begin.


Art Nouveau – shortly after the start was steadied and shifted in behind runners to obtain cover.


What Could Be – App C Van der Werf accidentally dropped her whip approaching the 200m.


Dorf Star – passing the 200m was steadied to avoid the heels of Regent which after initially be taken in by Screamarr shifted in slightly away from that runner.


Onslaught – approaching the 50m, was carried out slightly by Bring A Secret and in doing so, caused some tightening to I Am Impressed which then raced tight with Rogue Missile for some distance thereafter.


Bring A Secret – J Penza explained that it had been intended to ride the gelding in about fifth or sixth position, if possible.  He said, however, Bring A Secret showed very good gate speed and then raced fiercely with him in the early stages.  He said that despite his endeavours to have Bring A Secret settle, the gelding continued to race keenly with him and when he was caught wide in the middle stages, and there was no rider intent to position their mounts in the lead, he elected to allow Bring A Secret to travel in front.  He said that whilst his mount drew a margin on the remainder of the field, he did his best, in the circumstances, to rate the gelding in the lead.


Regent – when questioned, G Schofield explained that from the wide barrier, he had been asked to ride his mount towards the rear of the field.  He said that in the early stages, when the pace was genuine, he was able to come back and secure a run behind the eventual winner, Screamarr.  He said, however, when approaching the 1000m, the rider of Screamarr steadied to allow What Could Be to cross him, Regent commenced to race keenly and as he was unable to adequately restrain his mount, he was obliged to shift out from the heels of Screamarr, which ultimately led to Regent travelling wide and without cover for the remainder of the race.


Rogue Missile – App R King, placed sixth, returned to scale .4 of a kilo underweight.  App King was reminded of her obligations to ensure where possible she weighs in at her allotted weight.


RACE 8 – Handicap 1600m

The Stewards reviewed the tactics adopted by the riders who travelled in a prominent position and were satisfied that having regard to the eventual winner establishing a significant margin, that they had ridden their mounts in a manner that was suitable to the circumstances of the race as it developed.


Plaisir – when the gates opened, stood flat footed and lost approximately 2 lengths.  Plaisir then raced keenly throughout the early and middle stages.  Trainer D Adkins was advised a warning would be placed against the barrier manners of Plaisir.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Art Of Excellence – began awkwardly, shifted out and made contact with Brazen.  When questioned, P Wells explained he had been instructed to take up a leading position as is usual.  He said, however, Art Of Excellence, which was having its first start over the 1600m, was full of running in the early stages and although he was able to take up the leading position easily after the 1200m, his mount proved difficult to settle.  He said that despite his best endeavours, Art Of Excellence would not come back underneath him and as a consequence, drew a significant margin on the field.  He said that whilst it was always intended for Art Of Excellence to travel well in advance of the field, nonetheless, the horse raced much further in front and set a more solid pace than anticipated.


Know How – travelled wide and without cover for the major part of the race.


Tatoosh – which was commencing to close the race off well, had to be steadied and shifted to the outside of Raise The Limit, which rolled in slightly over the final stages.


Husswick – App A Adkins was spoken to regarding using his whip above his shoulder near the 50m.




Summary of whip use


The Stewards noted the following riders exceeded the permitted strikes of the whip prior to the

100m under AR137A(5)(a)(ii):


Race 5

C Brown (Vellor)

6 strikes

Race 6

J Parr (Dylan’s Romance)

7 strikes

Race 6

App R King (Social Element)

8 strikes

Race 6

G Schofield (Exoteric)

6 strikes

Race 6

K McEvoy (Royal Navy)

7 strikes


Bearing in mind the totality of whip use, no action was taken.


Swab samples were taken from all winners and the following runners:

Race 1:  Chosen Assassin, Longmu, Cuba.

Race 2:  Fresh Start, Improvise, Readycatgo.

Race 3:  Alluvion, Marabel.

Race 4:  Timing, Rebel Miss, Beau Tirage.

Race 5:  Acqume, Legal Girl.

Race 6:  Exoteric, Ready For Success, Hypernicus, Queen Of Heights, Bella Galeano.

Race 7:  Red Knot, Bring A Secret, I Am Impressed (2).

Race 8:  Thewayweare, Plaisir, Tatoosh, Know How, Royal Navy.










Race 3: Marabel (trainer J Pride) – both nostrils - 3 month ban [AR53A].


Race 8: Plaisir (trainer D Adkins) – slow to begin.




Race 1: Feringo (trainer E O’Rourke) – lame near fore leg and galloped on.

Race 3: Alluvion (trainer S Singleton) – sore in front.

Race 5: Intrinsic (trainer K Lees) – lame near fore leg.

Race 7: Chavish (co-trainer P Snowden) – fractious in barriers.



Change of Tactics:

Race 1: Cuba to be ridden more positively from the good draw; settled on pace.

Race 1: Kookabaa to be ridden quieter; settled worse than midfield.

Race 2: Our Mantra to be ridden off the pace with the blinkers off; settled midfield.

Race 6: Queen Of Heights to be ridden behind midfield; settled midfield.

Race 8: Brazen to be ridden quieter to attempt to obtain cover; settled worse

than midfield.

Change of Colours:

Race 8: Know How – white Club colours.

Change of Gear


Follow up:




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