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Date set for Leek hearing before Victorian RAD Board
30 Nov 2017 | ThoroughbredNEWS News Desk 
The Victorian Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board will hear the charges laid by the Racing Victoria stewards against trainer Matthew Leek at 9.30am on Thursday, 21 December 2017.

Mr Leek has been charged as follows:

Charge 1 – AR 178AB(1)(a)

A person must not, without the permission of the Stewards, inject a horse, cause a horse to be injected or attempt to inject a horse, which is engaged to run in any race:
(a) at any time on the day of the scheduled race, prior to the start of such event; and
(b) at any time during the One Clear Day prior to 12.01am on the day of the scheduled race.

The stewards allege that on 8 August 2017 during a race day stable inspection, Mr Leek was in possession of one 30 millilitre syringe containing a substance, an uncapped needle and one 100ml bottle each of L-Carnitine and Mitachondral which he intended to administer to the horses High Valley and/or Cash Sale prior to them racing at Pakenham that day, in breach of AR 178AB(1)(a).

Charge 2 – AR 175(q)

The Principal Racing Authority (or the Stewards exercising powers delegated to them) may penalise: Any person who in their opinion is guilty of any misconduct, improper conduct or unseemly behaviour.

The stewards allege that during the race day stable inspection on 8 August 2017, Mr Leek deliberately disposed of liquid in a syringe which had the effect of destroying evidence relevant to a stewards’ investigation, constituting misconduct and/or improper conduct.

Charge 3 – AR 178F(1)

(1) A trainer must record treatment and medication administered to each horse in his or her care by midnight on the day on which the administration was given, and each record must include the following information:
(a) the name of the horse;
(b) the date and time of administration of the treatment or medication;
(c) the name of the treatment or medication administered (brand name or active constituent);
(d) the route of administration including by injection, stomach tube, paste, topical application or inhalation);
(e) the amount of medication given (if applicable);
(f) the duration of a treatment (if applicable);
(g) the name and signature of person or persons administering and/or authorizing the administration of the treatment or medication.

The stewards allege that Mr Leek failed to record the treatment and medication of L-Carnitine and Mitachondral to horses in his care.

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