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Wagering report explores what customers are actually being offered by local operators
02 Nov 2017 | Digital Fuel 

The Australian online wagering sector has experienced huge changes in a short period of time with a surge of interest in sports betting, the arrival of European companies, the outlawing of live betting online, amendments to taxation and off-shore legislation plus the on-going tightening up of exposure on TV to name a few.

A new wagering report by Digital Fuel explores outside the headlines what customers are actually being offered by local operators.

Digital Fuel’s extensive benchmarking report, carried out over the 2017 winter months, reveals what 14 wagering operators (licensed in Australia) are delivering on their respective URLs.

The assessment is a unique and comprehensive overview of the most prominent betting companies, showing where operational and trading strategies vary and where there is saturation. The outcomes and recommendations provide opportunities for both existing and new organisations to assess core battles areas to focus on to drive increased revenues via an enhanced customer experience in 2018.

The importance of a strong and relevant operational strategy continues to grow as the online wagering market matures.

Combined with further legislative changes likely on how operators will be able to attract new players via sign-up rewards, free bets and where and when they can advertise, understanding the specifics in what customers can bet on across the sports and racing is essential.

To register interest and for further reading of the report link through the banner below.


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