Track conditions, form and scratchings for Flemington

Form for the Melbourne Racing Club's Chester Manifold Stakes meeting at Flemington on Saturday.

Form includes Racing And Sports complete form service, neurals, worksheet and customised form guide.

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Track conditions and scratchings

Meeting:Saturday 12Jan2019 Victoria Racing Club  
Rail:Out 6m Entire CircuitPenetrometer: 
Weather:FineTotal Scratchings:11
Dual Track Meeting:N
Track Type:TurfTrack Rating:Good 4
General Comment:Finalised 12/1 - 7:45am
Irrigation:10mm last 24 hours, 52mm last 7 days
Rainfall:0.6mm last 24 hours and week
Track Information:Inspection 6AM 12/1;

Rail Position Last Meeting

Out 3m Entire Circuit


Race 1:10 SKIDDAW (11/1 1002)
Race 4:3 ROBE DE FETE (11/1 1428VC)
 8 ASTROBITE (11/1 1541)
Race 5:8 SCHERZOSO (10/1 1830)
Race 6:10 OCEAN DEEP (NZ) (12/1 0556)
Race 8:1 CHAMOIS ROAD (12/1 0716)
 11 LEODORO (12/1 0726VC)
Race 9:17e TBILISI (Eliminated)
 18e ILLUMICON (Eliminated)
 19e DINNER LAKE (Eliminated)
 20e QUEEN BECKI (Eliminated)

Late Scratchings

There are no late scratchings

Late Riders/Alterations

There are no riders/alterations

Undeclared Riders

There are no undeclared riders