Parr expected to return to riding on Saturday

ATC's Club Doctor, Dr. Joihn Tsingos, reported after he stood down jockey Josh Parr due to a right knee medial collateral ligament strain he sustained at Warwick Farm races on Wednesday that he expects Josh to be back for Saturday.

Josh will not be riding for the next two days and he will undergo an ultrasound to the knee and Dr. Tsingos expects him to return to Saturday racing after some rest, ice and simple analgesia.

In other news Racing NSW's Dr. Duckworth has spoken to injured jockey Corey Brown who has undergone spinal surgery following his fall in last Saturday's Queensland Derby.

Corey is up and walking around and is scheduled to fly back to Sydney on Thursday. Dr. Duckworth added that "Corey is a very lucky guy".

Brown underwent surgery in Brisbane on Sunday to repair an unstable fracture to his T7 vertebra and also a cracked sternum and punctured lung.

He said a piece of spine had been chipped off and was floating around his back with doctors saying it was a one-in-a-million chance it had not hit the spinal cord.

Brown said X-rays of his back looked like a jigsaw puzzle.

"I've got eight screws running through my spine with a plate," Brown told RSN927.

"The screws don't go through the vertebra that's been chipped. The screws hold the other vertebra together with a plate over the top to hold that in place.

"I've loved my racing more in the last five or six years, especially the last three since I've been back in Australia, than what I did as a young kid.

"This is a bit of a wake-up call. (It's) the job we do and the older you get, you don't bounce as well, but I've (still) got plenty of time left in me."


Josh Parr, picture