Over the coming days the New Zealand news section will be amalgamated into the International news section.

From Saturday, December 18th, 2010, there will be no New Zealand race reporting and race previews and any New Zealand based media releases will be published in the International news section.

The content of the New Zealand news section has been subsidised for the best part of a decade by the other operations of ThoroughbredNEWS. The commercial support by New Zealand Bloodstock Ltd and Windsor Park Stud has materially assisted in the ongoing operation of the news section and for that we are grateful for their support for not only their commercial operations, that of ThoroughbredNEWS and for the wider racing and breeding community.

However the reality of producing the content, even in the limited form that it was, meant a considerable input from ThoroughbredNEWS and for a considerable period of time this has been unsustainable and not commercially sensible.

For over a decade ThoroughbredNEWS has engaged in discussions with various industry administrators over commercial support for the ongoing production of news content for the New Zealand news section, in a similar manner that other news organisations receive to produce industry content. There was sporadic support from time to time, but no commitment in any sustainable manner.

For the past 12 months a further set of discussions were held with New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) officials with a proposal to have New Zealand content and form to be on both ThoroughbredNEWS and partner news and form service Racingandsports.com.au. This would have presented this content on two respected internet news platforms to not only Australasia, but the world-wide racing industry.

A written agreement for support was received in the first quarter of 2010 with details to be confirmed when new officials arrived to commence their positions. After some months the offer of support was withdrawn. Further discussions were undertaken with the end result after 12 months of opening this round of discussions that ThoroughbredNEWS was expected to continuing operating for a period for no fee while carrying NZRB banners to measure results before any ongoing support would be offered.

This was neither sensible nor sustainable after the years of subsidy, and any New Zealand content will now be published in the International news section.

The outstanding writing and coverage from Jeff Dore, for minimal fees, a huge passion for the industry, and that there would be an ongoing viable position for more content creation and dissemination, is to be applauded by all in the industry. It is regrettable that we cannot sustain Jeff’s talent in the industry.

Race Images provided their impressive photographic contributions for a similar minimal fee offering their support to try and establish ongoing content.

It is with regret that we cannot sustain their efforts and offer an even bigger service.