Canterbury stewards' report


Australian Turf Club


Wednesday, 10 January 2017


Weather:                  Overcast

Track:                       Soft (7); upgraded to a Soft (6) at 2.08pm following the running of Race 1 to retrospectively include Race 1; further upgraded to a Soft (5) at 3.52pm following the running of Race 4 to retrospectively include Race 4.

Rail:                          True

Penetrometer:          5.51


STEWARDS:   P C Dingwall (Chairman), R W Livingstone, T A McDonald, T J Carlton and cadets

M W Purse, F J Dale and R T Debels.


Supplementary Reports:

ROYAL RANDWICK:  Saturday, 6 January 2018

RACE 6 – Spinal Cure Racing4Research Sprint 1000m

Don’t Tease Me–- trainer Mr S Gleeson advised that whilst he was satisfied with the post race condition of Don’t Tease Me, the horse will now be spelled. 


CESSNOCK:  Tuesday, 5 January 2018

Race 7 – East Cessnock Bowling Club Class 1 Handicap 1570m

Testaview–- trainer Mr J Deamer advised that whilst he was satisfied with the post race condition of Testaview, the horse would now be spelled.




As R Dolan was indisposed, the following rider substitution was permitted by the Stewards:


Race 4 Sovereign Eminence – (App B McDougall)


As A Bullock was indisposed, the following rider substitution was permitted by the Stewards:


Race 5 All Things In Time– (T Clark)




RACE 1 – Handicap 1550m

Pickelhaube – slow to begin. 


Cool Dude Ausbred – after beginning well, when caught wide, was restrained to take cover at the rear of the field.


Jolly Honour – when questioned, T Angland explained that approaching the 600m he considered shifting out to take up a position directly behind Campaign, however approaching this point, he was racing just to the inside of the heels of Campaign, which would have required him to steady and lose ground.  He said that simultaneously, Cool Dude Ausbred improved quickly around him which he conceded resulted in his mount’s momentum being briefly held up prior to straightening.  He said that near the 250m, he was able to shift to the outside of the eventual winner, Campaign, where he manoeuvred Cool Dude Ausbred wider when he brushed with that horse.  He added that once he secured clear running, he felt that Jolly Honour had every opportunity to close the race off and successfully challenge the placegetters, Campaign and Pickelhaube.


RACE 2 – Pluck@Vinery Plate 1250m

Ombudsman – began awkwardly, shifted in and made contact with Stratum ChargeOmbudsman was taken back in across runners from its wide barrier.


Temprado – was hampered shortly after the start when Ombudsman shifted back out after making contact with Stratum ChargeTemprado was then taken back in across runners from its wide barrier.  Temprado was unable to secure clear running at any stage in the straight and consequently was not tested.


Membership – after being slow to begin, was hampered by The Man which shifted in after being brushed by Shumookh.  


Absolute – when questioned, T Clark explained that he had been asked to ride the gelding behind midfield and as Absolute was resuming from a spell today, he was to ensure that he did not begin his run too early and if the circumstances of the race provided he should commence improving on straightening.  He said that approaching and rounding the home turn, he was following The Man and as he was mindful of his instructions, he elected to save ground when provided with a favourable passage into the race behind that horse which was improving satisfactorily.  He said he was able to commence improving on the home turn, and although his mount was somewhat inconvenienced when The Man shifted out at this point when racing to his outside, Absolute, after obtaining clear running early in the straight, closed the race off well.


RACE 3 – TAB Handicap 1250m

Ready Set Sing – slow to begin (2L).  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Cool Vinnie – was steadied and taken behind runners from its wide barrier shortly after the start.


One Son – a post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


RACE 4 – #Theraces Handicap 1200m

Forbidden Kisses – after being slow to begin was steadied and shifted in across runners.


All In The Reflexs – began awkwardly.


Duchess Pedrille – raced wide and without cover throughout.  When questioned. App B Ryan explained that he had been instructed to position the horse behind the leaders if possible.  He said he gained the impression in the early stages that Sovereign Eminence may shift to the running rail which would provide him with a one off position.  He also stated that in the early stages, he observed Run Sally Run to his outside being ridden positively approaching the 900m and as he felt that that horse would continue on and take up a position outside Sweet Surprise, he would then be able to effectively race one out one back. He said, however, that when Sovereign Eminence remained racing to the outside of Sweet Surprise, and when the rider of Run Sally Run did not continue forward, he felt that rather than pressuring his mount, he would be better suited by restraining and travelling three wide without cover, however Duchess Pedrille was left without a finishing effort in the run home.  App Ryan was advised that in the opinion of the Stewards, he had erred by not improving his position after the 900m when he had the opportunity to do so and take up a position outside Sweet Surprise.  He was advised that he should, wherever possible, avoid covering unnecessary ground.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Bonita – on straightening, Bonita was hampered and carried wider when All In The Reflexs (App R King) shifted out when not clear.  App R King was reprimanded.  Bonita laid in under pressure for some distance approaching and passing the 200m and its rider was required to correct her mount.


Run Sally Run – when questioned, App D Panya explained that she was under the impression that the instructions issued provided her with an option to have  the horse travel behind the leader if riders to her inside were intent on leading.  She said for this reason, in the early stages, although her mount was racing strongly, she was mindful that the trainer also advised her that she should not pressure Run Sally Run at any time during the early stages as the horse possesses natural speed and would be able to race prominently under its own volition. She stated that, for this reason, when the rider of Duchess Pedrille maintained his position directly alongside her, she endeavoured to significantly restrain Run Sally Run in the early and middle stages in an attempt to race with cover.  She added, however, she was unable to do so and therefore travelled wide and without cover for the duration of the race.  Trainer Mr G Allard stated that he believed that he was explicit with the instructions and that there was no provision for the horse to be ridden with cover, but he did indicate that he  stressed  to App Panya that she endeavour to take up a leading position without having to pressure Run Sally Run as the horse, which was stepping up in distance, has sufficient natural speed to do so.  He said that after having the opportunity to view the patrol footage, he was of the view that it would have been preferable for App Panya to allow her mount to stride forward and race outside Sweet Surprise.  The Stewards advised App Panya in similar circumstances she is to be more attentive when the instructions are issued and if there is any ambiguity with  the manner in which she is to ride a horse, she should clarify those matters with the trainer.  She was further advised that when being caught wide without cover in the early stages, she should have allowed her mount to travel forward and race to the outside of Sweet Surprise after the 900m, hence avoiding covering unnecessary  ground.


Sovereign Eminence – a post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Sweet Surprise – a post race veterinary examination revealed Sweet Surprise lost its off hind plate.


RACE 5 – Ranvet Handicap 1550m

Regine – knuckled on jumping.  B Shinn stated that he was able to lead comfortably on Regine whereby the mare travelled well, however did not finish its race off as expected, and he was disappointed in the mare's performance.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.  Trainer Mr J O'Shea advised that in his view, Regine may not have backed up from its win at Randwick on 1 January 2018.  He added that he would now assess the mare prior to a decision being made on the immediate racing future.  The plans and post race conditions of Regine will be followed up in the days subsequent.


Tivoli Street – slow to begin.


All Things In Time – slow to begin.


Feelin The Love – began awkwardly, shifted out and made contact with Regine.  Near the 100m, Feelin The Love was bumped by Happy Go Plucky, which shifted out under pressure.


Gold Ambition – was slow to begin and then despite being ridden along, failed to muster speed.  Shortly after the start, Gold Ambition was steadied when crowded for room between Domed and Happy Go Plucky, which was taken out by Regine.  Approaching the 1200m, Gold Ambition, which was awkwardly placed to the inside of Domed, had to be steadied when crowded for room by that runner, which after racing tight to the inside of Tivoli Street, got its head on the side, shifted in when taken in slightly by Tivoli Street, which itself was marginally crowded for room after improving quickly to the inside of Hirokin (J Collett), which shifted in briefly.  Living Choice, which was positioned directly behind Domed, had to be severely checked as a consequence.  After becoming aware that Tivoli Street was being tightened, J Collett immediately took corrective measures to alleviate the crowding to the runners to his inside and having regard to all the circumstances, the Stewards felt it appropriate to advise J Collett to ensure that he exercises care when in similar circumstances.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Domed – a post race veterinary examination revealed abrasions to its near hind bumper and speedy cuts to its off hind fetlock.


RACE 6 – Schweppes Handicap 1100m

Kanga’s Eye – after being slow to begin was ridden along, however did not muster speed.  Kanga's Eye was held up for clear running until approaching the 200m and then a short distance after, raced tight inside of Bite The MediaKanga's Eye then commenced to lay out under pressure and proved difficult to ride close to the winning post.


Cordoned – was steadied and taken in behind runners from its wide barrier shortly after the start.


Grammar School – near the 1000m, Pedway (T Clark) shifted out when not clear of Grammar School causing that horse to be inconvenienced.  T Clark was advised to exercise more care.  During this incident, Grammar School made contact with Annatime resulting in both horses becoming unbalanced.


Identic – in the early stages and middle stages, hung in and near the 900m, was briefly tightened by Geneteau, which after shifting in, was corrected by its rider to provide that horse with its rightful running.


Annatime – near the 900m, was inconvenienced and shifted to the inside of the heels of Pedway (T Clark) which again shifted out. 


Geneteau – took some time to muster speed in the early and middle stages then after obtaining the lead, near the 800m raced keenly for some distance thereafter.  Near the 150m, Geneteau, which was laying in, shifted in and brushed Pedway, which became unbalanced.


Pedway – T Clark explained that approaching the 50m, his mount commenced to shift out under pressure resulting in him having to be stop riding and straighten after the 50m when making contact with Cordoned, which itself then shifted out and inconvenienced Geneteau.  T Clark agreed that whilst it would have been preferable prior to the 50m to change the whip over to his left hand, he did not consider it in his mount’s best interest to do so at this time, having regard to the very late stage of the race, and the interference he was causing.  He said, therefore, he elected to ride Pedway out to the finish of the race as best as he was able given the circumstances.


RACE 7 – TAB Rewards Handicap 1900m

Allzin – after being slow to begin was crowded for room between Magical Stance and Chatelard, both of which shifted out.


Caton – was slow to begin and despite being ridden along, did not muster speed


Itsa Fait Accompli – was slow to begin.  Itsa Fait Accompli, over the last 150m, was inclined to shift out under pressure.


Magical Stance – approaching the winning post on the first occasion, Magical Stance, which was racing keenly, shifted in and brushed the running rail.  Brogue, which was following, made contact with the running rail leaving the straight on the first occasion, became unbalanced and lost ground.  Magical Stance then continued to race keenly until after the 700m.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


San Pablo – App R King reported that after obtaining a forward position in the early stages, her mount was not suited when Magical Stance shifted to her outside and vied for the lead in the middle stages, which resulted in her mount having to set a quicker tempo than desirable and being left without a finishing effort.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. 


Fantastic Man – J Parr reported that after travelling wide and without cover, his mount appeared to be galloped on behind near the 800m, and as he was concerned that Fantastic Man may have ascertained an injury at this time, when the horse became unbalanced, he eased Fantastic Man out of the race from approximately the 700m.  A post race veterinary examination revealed Fantastic Man was galloped on on the off hind heel.  Trainer Mr J Thompson was advised that a veterinary clearance would be required prior to racing again.  


Chatelard – a post race veterinary examination of Chatelard, which commenced to weaken over the final 150m, revealed no abnormalities.


Brogue – a post race veterinary examination revealed Brogue to be lame (3/5) in the near foreleg.  Trainer Mr S Englebrecht was advised that a veterinary clearance would be required prior to racing again.


GENERAL:  Stable representative Mr N Dilmi advised that Radcliffe bled from both nostrils for the second time at Agnes Banks during track work yesterday, 9 January 2017.  Mr Dilmi was advised that Radcliffe would now be banned from racing in Australia.


Swab samples were taken from all winners and the following runners:

Race 1:  Jolly Honour, Cool Dude Ausbred, Pickelhaube.

Race 2:  Shumookh, Stratum Charge.

Race 3:  Monday Pere, Ready Set Sing, One Sing, Onslaught.

Race 4:  Bonita, Sovereign Eminence, All In the Reflexs.

Race 5:  Gold Ambition, Feelin The Love, Tivoli Street, Regine, Happy Go Plucky.

Race 6:  Pedway (2), Bit The Media.

Race 7:  Magical Stance, Irish Optimism, Fantastic Man, Caton, Red Dubawi, Itsa Fait Accompli (2).


Fines: Nil
Reprimands: Race 4:  App R King (All In The Reflexs) – careless riding [AR137(a)].
Suspensions: Nil
Bleeders: General:  Radcliffe (trainer J Cummings) – bled for the 2nd time - life ban.
Warnings: Nil
Trials: Nil
Certificates: Race 7:  Fantastic Man (trainer J Thompson) – galloped on, left hind heel.
Race 7:  Brogue (trainer S Englebrecht) – lame (3/5) off fore leg.
Fall/Injuries: Nil
Change of Tactics: Race 3:  Monday Pere to be ridden more forward; settled outside the leader.
Race 5:  Feeling The Love to be ridden more forward; settled on pace.
Race 7:  Chatelard to be ridden more forward; settled on pace.
Change of Colours: Nil
Change of Gear Nil
Follow up: Race 5:  Regine (trainer J O’Shea) – poor performance.