Aquanita chairman responds to charges

Aquanita Racing's chairman Peter Howell has written to owners in the wake of Tuesday's bombshell concerning eight current and former staff members facing an array of charges over alleged race-day treatment.

Dear Owner,

Today (Tuesday) the Aquanita directors became aware of a number of charges that have been laid by RVL stewards against two of the Aquanita trainers, Robert Smerdon and Stuart Webb, as well as a number of employees. These charges are a result of the Lovani inquiry and other matters relating to that inquiry.

The Aquanita directors have yet to have the opportunity to review the charges and to understand the implications to our staff and the owners who support those two stables.  It will take a few days to digest and understand the implications of the charges, but be assured our prime responsibility is to your horses and the management and care of their current training programs.

The Aquanita board will not be commenting publicly on the charges at this point, but we will keep you fully informed on any relevant developments as they unfold and impact on the training of your horses.

The Aquanita board takes the matters of compliance with RVL rules and protocols very seriously for all its businesses and related entities. We look forward to working with the various parties to bring this matter to a speedy conclusion.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Howell