Racepal's Reece Crowther

Reece is a former professional football goalkeeper, professional gambler, entrepreneur and probably most importantly, a proud uncle and friend.

Following the sale of Reece's UK wagering/betting fund/technology company he returned to Australia and to his first passion outside of football, that of thoroughbred racing.

Applying the principles he and his colleagues learned trading in the toughest sports betting markets in the world they took on the challenge to build a thoroughbred analytics technology to find an edge in the global thoroughbred racing markets, starting with Australia.

The result is Racepal's flagship products, The Racepal Club and The Racepal Monty, which are quite unique in the way they operate.

Racepal operates a service called The Racepal Club on the “Slack” platform. This is a closed community in which members can interact with the Racepal team in real-time, as well as each other. Racepal sends out their trading plays everyday, along with an assessed price and staking strategy.

Primarily, The Racepal Club has really turned into a tipping and educational service. Reece says it has been pleasing to see how the members and the majority of the community have benefitted by learning how the game works inside out, as he and his colleagues are extremely open with opinions and educational content.

"If you are willing to ask the question and willing to learn, we are happy to teach. The bonus is that the member gets our analysis every single day and can ask questions about each runner and our reasoning behind each bet," says Reece.

"The Racepal Club at this point is absolutely a community and I personally love being a part of it on a daily basis," he says.

The Racepal Monty service is designed for recreational punters who are looking for consistent profits through their thoroughbred racing passion and who do not have hours to spend on form analysis. Essentially The Racepal Monty service allows punters to enjoy the very best that Racepal technology and analysis has to offer each day for $25 per week.

Racepal's Monty service advises how much to bet, what odds are needed and what horse to bet on. There is also a full race assessment/overview and assessed price for the runner for the more advanced punter.

"It is an entry-level service we are very proud of," says Reece.

"We are not only a tipping service, we are also a trading entity. So best believe, if a Monty does not lob, we are hurting just as much as our community," he adds.

Reece returns to his football for recreation and to refresh for the upcoming Racepal trading.

"I play footy with the lads on Sunday and then have a few beers and a chin-wag down the pub then. Have to pick your spots in this game," he says.