Warwick Farm stewards' report


Australian Turf Club


Wednesday, 16 May 2018 

Weather:                  Fine

Track:                       Good (4)

Rail:                          +3m

Penetrometer:          4.79


STEWARDS:   P C Dingwall (Chairman), T P Moxon, T J Vassallo, T A McDonald and cadets

F J Dale, and T J Lee.


RACE 1 – TAB Handicap 1400m

Smiling Manolito – prior to the declaration of correct weight, the Stewards and K McEvoy, the rider of the second placegetter Smiling Manolito, viewed the footage to ascertain if there were grounds to lodge an objection against the winner, Cormac.  K McEvoy declined against exercising his right to lodge an objection and when the Stewards were also of the view that there were not sufficient grounds with which to proceed with an objection, correct weight was declared.  For some distance after the 200m, Smiling Manolito and Cormac raced tight due to Cormac laying in and on two occasions, both runners brushed during this period.  Smiling Manolito and Cormac again raced tight and just prior to the winning post, Cormac continued to lay in and shifted in slightly.


Dream Genie – after beginning awkwardly, then had to be eased away from the heels of Sporty.  Dream Genie – approaching the 1000m, when the tempo steadied, Dream Genie, which had been racing keenly, had to be severely checked after becoming awkwardly placed on the heels of Emerald Earth.  When being checked, Dream Genie then got its head up and again had to be restrained from the heels of Sporty and after the 900m, shifted out and was then left racing wide and without cover.   


Cormac – shortly after the start, was bumped on the hindquarter by Smiling Manolito which began awkwardly and shifted in.


Sporty – approaching the 800m, was steadied when racing in restricted room and brushed the running rail when tightened by Smiling Manolito (K McEvoy), which shifted in when not properly clear.  K McEvoy was reprimanded.


RACE 2 – Pluck@Vinery Handicap 1400m

Separated – after being informed at 8.42am this morning that Separated had a superficial abrasion to its near fore knee, the filly, after arriving on course and being examined, was found to be intermittently lame and was subsequently withdrawn by order of the Stewards at 12.35pm acting on veterinary advice.  After interviewing trainer J O'Shea, it was established that Separated had sustained the superficial abrasion on Sunday.  Mr O'Shea advised that Separated had not missed any work and had undergone its usual pre-race veterinary examination yesterday and again this morning by the stable veterinarian and was found suitable to race.  In the circumstances, not action was taken other than to advise Mr O'Shea was advised that prior to Separated being permitted to trial/race again, he must provide a veterinary clearance.


Tarka – J McDonald replaced J Adams (transport difficulties) as the rider of the colt.  Approaching the 100m, Tarka raced in restricted room when Commander shifted in.  To relieve the tightening to Tarka, the rider of Commander was obliged to correct his mount, which resulted in Commander not being fully tested for a short period.


Dealmaker – slow to begin (2L).


Samara’s Choice – began awkwardly and made contact with its near side barrier partition and as a consequence lost ground.


Mickey Blue Eyes – raced wide and without cover from the 900m.  Mickey Blue Eyes raced keenly in the early and middle stages.  At the 800m, Mickey Blue Eyes, when awkwardly placed on the heels of Phoneme, had to be eased.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Mandalong Sera – in the early stages, raced fiercely, refused to settle and was allowed to improve after the 1000m and ultimately take up a leading position near the 800m.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Phoneme – raced keenly in the early and middle stages and then raced wide and without cover.  Near the 400m, Phoneme was hampered when bumped by Knight's Helmet, which was commencing to weaken and shifted out.  Mickey Blue Eyes, which was positioned to the outside of Phoneme, was checked and carried wider as a consequence.  Phoneme hung out approaching and rounding the home turn.


Knight's Helmet – passing the 1100m, was steadied when tightened for room between Tarka and Pembroke Castle, both which shifted ground slightly.


Bring Me Showers – approaching the 800m, had to be checked from the heels of Knight's Helmet, which itself was steadying when racing keenly when close to the heels of Pembroke Castle.  Samara’s Choice, which was following, was steadied and shifted out as a consequence.

RACE 3 – #Theraces Handicap 2130m

Tinkermosa – shortly after the start was steadied and shifted in behind runners.


Plymouth Road – shortly after the start, was steadied and shifted in behind runners.  When the pace steadied, after the 1000m, was shifted out by its rider and allowed to stride forward and ultimately take up the lead near the 700m.  Approaching the 100m, Plymouth Road shifted in and raced close to the running rail and when corrected by its rider, became unbalanced.


Joe’s Joy – leaving the straight on the first occasion, Joe’s Joy had to be steadied to avoid the heels of Mandalong Kiss, which was taken in slightly by Chief Kidder (J Taylor).  J Taylor was reprimanded and advised to ensure she is sufficiently clear when crossing runners in future.  When questioned, App R Dolan said he had been asked to ride the horse in a similar manner as he did when successful on Joe’s Joy at its most recent start, which was to endeavour to lead, but ensure that he was able to carry out these instructions without making use of Joe’s Joy in the early stages as Joe’s Joy in the past raced very keenly if pressured.  He said that after travelling a short distance, Joe’s Joy did not show sufficient speed in which to maintain the lead and after receiving some interference leaving the straight on the first occasion, he elected to allow Mandalong Kiss and Chief Kidder, which were showing more intent to improve to cross his mount.  He added that after the 800m, when Plymouth Road went forward of him, he shifted out to improve with that runner, however Joe’s Joy was somewhat flat footed and he was disappointed for running to the inside of Plymouth Road and had to be steadied when that runner rolled in.  He said at the same time, Mister Marmalade also improved around him and he again lost his position when the race developed into a sprint.  He said that having regard to all the circumstances, he believed that Joe’s Joys run was not as disappointing as it would appear on face value.  App Dolan was advised he had erred in not consolidating his position to the inside of Plymouth Road near the 800m and in similar circumstances, he should be more assertive in maintaining his position.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Devil’s Lair – when questioned regarding the disappointing performance of Devil’s Lair, K McEvoy said that after being slow to begin, he was obliged to race towards the rear of the field, which is contrary to the horse's preferred racing pattern.  He said that although he travelled satisfactorily throughout the early and middle stages, Devil’s Lair then, when under pressure after the 700m, was one paced and whilst endeavouring to secure a position to the inside of Campaign, had to be steadied when disappointed for running by Base Camp, which shifted out.  He said that despite his efforts to have Devil’s Lair re-engage in the race, his mount was unwilling to improve and failed to quicken in the straight.  K McEvoy did add, however, that he believed the circumstances of the start which led to the early positioning of Devil’s Lair were a major fact in the horse's performance today.  A post race veterinary examination revealed Devil’s Lair to be displaying mild respiratory distress and coughing.  Stable representative Mr C Duckworth was advised that a veterinary clearance, including the results of an endoscopic examination, would be required prior to racing again.


Base Camp – rider C Reith was reprimanded for permitting his mount to shift out near the 700m when not properly clear of Devil’s Lair, which had to be steadied.


RACE 4 – Ranvet Power Formula Handicap 1600m

Braces – after arriving on course, underwent a veterinary examination when it was found to have mild skin irritation to both sides of its neck and was subsequently found suitable to race.


Desert Lord – after being slow to begin, was then crowded between Stryke Rock and Cape Wickham, which laid out.  Desert Lord was then steadied and shifted in behind runners.  Desert Lord, near the 1000m, commenced to race fiercely for a short distance and had to be restrained from the heels of Sawtell.  Desert Lord continued to race fiercely approaching and passing the 700m and again was restrained from the heels of Sawtell during this time.  Desert Lord, over the final stages, shifted out whilst hanging.  K Jennings, rider of the third placegetter Desert Lord (beaten short half head), pleaded guilty to a charge under AR137(b) in that he failed to ride his mount out to the end of the race.  K Jennings’ licence to ride in races was suspended for a period to commence on Sunday, 20 May 2018 and to expire on Friday, 1 June 2018 on which day he may ride.  In assessing penalty, the Stewards took into consideration the racing manners of Desert Lord during the final stages..


Stryke Rock – shortly after the start was steadied and shifted in behind runners.


Sawtell – began awkwardly, lost ground and then shortly afterwards was crowded for room by Thy Kingdom Come, which shifted out.


Cyber Intervention – raced keenly throughout the early and middle stages.  Near the 300m, Cyber Intervention was steadied to avoid the heels of Turnberry, which shifted out when not properly clear.


Final Frontier – throughout the early and middle stages, travelled keenly and after the 900m was left racing wide and without cover.  Near the 250m, Final Frontier was crowded between Stryke Rock, which shifted in slightly, and Turnberry, which after obtaining a position to the outside of Thy Kingdom Come just prior to incident, was taken out when Thy Kingdom Come also shifted slightly.


Tunero – was held up approaching and rounding the home turn.


Thy Kingdom Come – B Shinn will be interviewed tomorrow at the Kembla Grange race meeting regarding Thy Kingdom Come racing more prominently today.


RACE 5 – ATC Honours Flying Spur Mile 1600m

Poet's Advocate – began awkwardly and lost ground (2L).  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Jaunty – began awkwardly.  Passing the 700m, Jaunty was shifted out to a position wide and without cover when Hallelujah Boy, shifted out to improve.  Over the concluding stages, Jaunty was inclined to lay in.


Monasterio – shortly after the start was steadied and shifted in behind runners.


Celtic Love – pulled hard in the early and middle stages.  Celtic Love had some difficulty obtaining clear running approaching and rounding the home turn.  Celtic Love continued to experience difficulty obtaining clear running until passing the 200m.  Whilst the riding of R Murray over the concluding stages did not, in the Stewards' opinion, affect her finishing position, she was nonetheless reminded of her obligations to ride her mounts right to the winning post where circumstances permit.


Hallelujah Boy – near the 600m, was bumped and became unbalanced when Celtic Love shifted out marginally.  Hallelujah Boy, after the 600m, had to be steadied when disappointed for running between Jaunty and Braces, which shifted out.


Monasterio – was held up until approaching the 300m.


Firebird Flyer – was held up until approaching the 200m and was then steadied when disappointed for running between Nat King Cu and Braces, which, when placed under pressure, shifted in slightly.  As a result, Firebird Flyer could not be tested during the relevant period.  K O'Hara was interviewed regarding her lack of vigour out over the final 50m.  She was advised that in the circumstances, she should have made more effort to ride her mount competitively and in a manner that is not open to query.


Intueri – approaching and rounding the home turn, lost ground when Nat King Cu commenced to tire.  Intueri then experienced some difficulty obtaining clear running for a short distance after the 200m.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

RACE 6 – Bowermans Office Furniture Handicap 1200m

Smart As – the Stewards deferred the declaration of correct weight to ascertain whether Smart As had been denied a fair start.  Evidence was taken from rider A Hyeronimus, trainer J Pride and the starter, Mr D Jeffs.  It was established that after being boxed, Smart As became fractious and as the start was effected, Smart As commenced to rear during which the starting gate handler assisting Smart As had hold of the left rein to prevent the horse from rearing further.  As a result, Smart As remained in its stall.  As the Stewards were of the opinion that the circumstances which led to Smart As remaining in its stall was as a result of its barrier manners and that the hander did not impede Smart As’ ability to begin with the field, they ruled that the horse had been afforded a fair start and was accordingly declared a runner.  Mr Pride was advised that before being permitted to race again, Smart As is required to perform satisfactorily in an official barrier trial.


Gaytime Girl – shortly after the start was crowded between Vienna Romance and Sharpness, which shifted in.


Painted Lady – began awkwardly.  When questioned, App J Van Overmeire stated he was asked to ride Painted Lady, which was resuming from a spell, conservatively in the initial stages.  He said that in the early stages, Painted Lady, after settling towards the rear, was unable to adapt to the early speed of the race and drifted towards the rear of the field.  He did add that Painted Lady, when ridden in this manner today, failed to close the race off.


Queen Misty – slow to begin.


Vienna Romance – after beginning well, was allowed to stride forward and race outside the leader, Hillary Step.


Lipizzan – raced wide and without cover throughout.


RACE 7 – Handicap 1400m

Kanerupt – shortly after the start, shifted out and made contact with Chapelco.  When questioned regarding the disappointing performance, C Reith explained that although his mount was able to take up a midfield position, it at no stage travelled comfortably with him and had an inclination to dip on a number of occasions during the middle stages.  He said the gelding came under pressure from about the 500m and prior to entering the straight, commenced to weaken noticeably and when he desisted from pressuring Kanerupt after the 300m, the gelding gave ground quickly.  A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.  Trainer G Vella stated that he was confident of the horse's chances in the event and provided betting evidence supporting his views of Kanerupt in this race.  The Stewards deemed the performance to be unacceptable and ruled that before the gelding is permitted to race again, it must perform satisfactorily in a barrier trial.  A post race veterinary examination revealed Kanerupt to be slow to recover.  The Stewards will follow up on the post race condition of the gelding.


Sensacova – began awkwardly and then shortly after, was steadied and shifted in behind runners


Charming Lad – shortly after the start was steadied and shifted in behind runners.


Dorf Star – from a wide barrier, shifted in across behind runners and then after the 900m, was left racing wide and without cover.


Oxford Magic – a post race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have bled from both nostrils for the first time.  Stable representative Mr T Bellew was advised that Oxford Magic will now incur the mandatory three month ban from racing.


Nadacheva – rounding the home turn, raced in restricted room and had to be steadied when awkwardly placed outside the heels of Brother In Arms, which itself was awkwardly placed outside the heels of Oxford Magic, which shifted out when giving ground.  App P Scorse, rider of fifth placegetter Nadacheva, was spoken to regarding his vigour over the concluding stages and was told to ensure he applies the appropriate pressure where circumstances permit.  


Charming Lad – was held up until after the 300m.


Kitteau - J McDonald, rider of the sixth placegetter Kitteau, will be interviewed regarding his riding out of the horse over the final stages.  


GENERAL:  The Stewards today inquired into a complaint lodged by ATC official Darren Stepetz in respect to an incident that occurred at the trackwork session at Warwick Farm racecourse yesterday morning at approximately 5am.  Trackwork rider Ms L Candy pleaded guilty to a charge under AR175(q) of improper conduct in that she directed inappropriate remarks to Mr Stepetz during the course of his duties.  Ms Candy was fined the sum of $200.  In assessing this penalty, the Stewards were mindful of Ms Candy's personal circumstances, including her unblemished record over 34 years.  


Summary of whip use


The Stewards noted the following riders exceeded the permitted strikes of the whip prior to the

100m under AR137A(5)(a)(ii):


Race 1 G Schofield (Dream Genie) 6 strikes
Race 3 J Taylor (Chief Kidder) 6 strikes


Bearing in mind the totality of whip use, no action was taken.


Swab samples were taken from all winners and the following runners:

Race 1:  Emerald Earth, Sporty, Smiling Manolito.

Race 2:  Mickey Blue Eyes, Samara’s Choice, Knight’s Helmet, Commander.

Race 3:  Plymouth Road, Mister Marmalade, Campaign, Joe’s Joy, Chief Kidder, Tinkermosa.

Race 4:  Thy Kingdom Come, Turnberry (2), Cape Wickham, Desert Lord, Laussel, Final Frontier.

Race 5:  Pursuit Of Honour, Hallelujah Boy, Nat King Cu, Poet’s Advocate, Braces, Vaucluse Bay.

Race 6:  Lipizzan, Queen Misty, Medovina (2), Gaytime Girl, Painted Lady.

Race 7:  Oxford Magic, General Artie, Charming Lad (2), Nadacheva, Kanerupt.


Fines: General:  trackwork rider L Candy – $200 – improper conduct [AR175(q)].
Reprimands: Race 1:  K McEvoy (Smiling Manolito) – careless riding [AR137(a)].
Race 3:  J Taylor (Chief Kidder) – careless riding [AR137(a)].
Race 3:  C Reith (Base Camp) – careless riding [AR137(a)].
Suspensions: Race 4:  K Jennings (Desert Lord) – 20.5.18 to 1.6.18 – failing to ride out to the end of the race [AR137(b)]. 
Bleeders: Race 7:  Oxford Magic (trainer K Waugh) – both nostrils, first time – 3 month ban.
Warnings: Nil
Trials: Race 6:  Smart As (trainer J Pride) – barrier manners.
Race 7:  Kanerupt (trainer G Vella) – poor performance.
Certificates: Race 2:  Separated (trainer J O’Shea) – intermittently lame.
Race 3:  Devil’s Lair (trainer C Waller) – including scope – mild respiratory distress and coughing.
Fall/Injuries: Nil
Change of Tactics: Race 2:  Knight’s Helmet – to be ridden further forward; settled midfield.
Race 3:  Plymouth Road – option to be ridden quieter; settled worse than midfield.
Race 3:  Mister Marmalade – to be ridden with cover; settled midfield.
Race 4: Final Frontier – to be ridden quieter from its wide draw; settled off pace.
Race 5:  Braces – to be ridden more forward if possible; settled on pace.
Change of Colours: Nil
Change of Gear Nil
Follow up: Race 4:  B Shinn (Thy Kingdom Come)
Race 7:  Kanerupt (trainer G Vella)