Thursday's Racepal Autumn Bankroll Challenge - the selections and ThoroughbredNEWS with the 2019 Racepal Autumn Bankroll Challenge for all readers to participate in and challenge themselves to turn either a dollar into ten, or perhaps $1,000 into $10,000 following Racepal's Reece Crowther deep into autumn racing and punting.

WE’RE ALL IN…AGAIN!? Yep! Episode 18 - $1k-$10k!

Things are tough at $1k-$10k HQ as we approach Day 3 of comeback week.   It’s certainly not going to plan and we’ve been well and truly whacked with the variance stick! We have $300 left in the Bankroll and we’re putting it to work in it’s entirety today! Let’s set it right!

Tracy May looks a little star in the making, fantastic action. Top jock booked. Obviously her first start at the races is a huge question market. Yes, she’s coming up against a decent one, but we’re happy to have a gamble that she’s the real deal with an odds boost.

Best Of The Day:

MELB R3#1 - Super Seth
$175 @ 1.60

Throw At The Stumps:

R3#7 - Lost Light
$25 E/W @ 8.50/2.50

Other Bets:

SYD R2#13 - Tracy May
$25 @ 5.50

SYD R3#2 - Disruptor
$50 @ 3.50 


R3#1 - Super Seth @ 1.50 - R3#2 - Disruptor @ 3.20 
$25 @ 4.80