New version of Australian Rules of Racing take effect March 1st

The first major rewrite of the rules governing Australia's Thoroughbred racing industry will take effect from March 1st, 2019.
Racing Australia Chair, Frances Nelson QC, said the rewrite was a modernisation and reordering of the Australian Rules of Racing, but did not change the substance or effect of existing rules.
"Racing Australia's purpose in commissioning this rewrite was to make it easier for racing participants to navigate and comply with the Australian Rules of Racing," Ms Nelson said.
The introduction of the new version will not affect decisions made or procedures commenced under the existing Rules. Matters like Stewards' decisions, investigations underway, penalties imposed, liabilities incurred, licences granted or being processed, will continue to apply under the new, rewritten Rules.
The new version represents a significant change to the language, structure and numbering of the existing Australian Rules of Racing. To assist with transition, a new Schedule has been included with comparative tables cross-referencing the existing and new version of all rules.
For the first time, a Table of Contents is also included to help users in locating relevant rules. The Rules are also divided into 13 parts, which contain various divisions, to further assist navigation and identification of relevant rules.
In addition, in the new version, each individual rule has been named to provide a brief description of the rule's subject matter. For example, the existing AR 137 is referred to in the rewritten Rules as "AR 131 Riding offences".
The rewritten Rules also contain the following 5 schedules:
Schedule 1 - Prohibited Substances Lists (currently AR 177B, AR 178B & AR 178C)
Schedule 2 - Trainer & Owner Reform (TOR) Rules (currently Schedule 1)
Schedule 3 - Syndicate Rules (currently AR 69 - AR 69P & Syndicate Regs (a) - (k))
Schedule 4 - List of Restricted Races (currently AR 1A)
Schedule 5 - Table of Comparative Provisions
The rewrite was undertaken in consultation with Principal Racing Authorities and the Chairmen of Stewards' Committee.  The draft new version has been with PRAs and Stewards since December to ensure smooth transition on 1 March.
Link - A copy of the rewritten Rules