Rodd suspended for another two days

SUNDAY, 9 JULY 2017:

RACE 3 [TF0875]

Approaching the 1200m, FIGHTING WARRIOR checked when racing to the inside of LITTLE BIG MAN (W Pike) and GOLD CROWN (M Rodd). An Inquiry into this incident will be held at a date to be fixed.

At a subsequent Inquiry, Jockey Rodd pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under MRA Rule 44(9)(a)(ii) in that approaching the 1200m, he allowed his amount to shift inwards, when insufficiently clear, thereby crowding LITTLE BIG MAN (W Pike) and FIGHTING WARRIOR (R Woodworth), with FIGHTING WARRIOR having to check.

When deciding on penalty, the Stewards took into account his record, degree of interference and carelessness. Jockey Rodd was suspended from riding in races with effect from Monday, 17 July 2017 until Sunday, 23 July 2017 both dates inclusive (two Singapore Race Days) and was advised of his Right of Appeal.

This penalty will be served consecutively following the completion of his suspension for careless riding from Monday, 10 July 2017 until Sunday, 16 July 2017 both dates inclusive (two Singapore Race Days).