BHA “Fast track” protocol for lower level rules breaches

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) on Monday announced the publication of a “fast track” trial protocol for lower level rules breaches.

The protocol will increase efficiency within the BHA’s Regulatory function and resolve applicable cases in a swifter manner and with less of an impact on resources and cost for the BHA and participants involved.

The introduction of the protocol was recommended by both the Integrity Review in early 2016 and the review undertaken by Christopher Quinlan QC later that year.

Common occurrences such as failure to notify gelding operations, and breaches concerning vaccination, passport and identity checks are examples of the types of cases which may be accelerated, although each case’s suitability will be judged on an individual basis.

Fast tracked cases would then be concluded administratively by an independent Disciplinary Panel, without the need of an oral hearing or any participants to travel and incur additional costs.

Handling cases in this manner will also free up resource within the BHA’s Regulatory department to assist in ensuring that more complex cases are resolved quicker, the need for which has been identified as a key requirement for the department.

It is anticipated that a significant number of cases currently dealt with by the Disciplinary Panel will now be dealt with by the Fast Track system.

The protocol is beginning a phased implementation from autumn 2017.

Tim Naylor, Head of Regulation at the BHA, said:“As a responsible and progressive regulator, the BHA is committed to upholding the integrity and reputation of the sport and will continue to develop its processes and policies to ensure this.

“The protocol announced today will free up considerable resource for the BHA and the Independent Judicial Panel as well as, most importantly, creating a far swifter and easier process for our stakeholders in applicable cases.”